Cattle are the heart of KC Natural

Kenny’s Creek Angus’ objective is to produce high growth grass fed cattle with excellent meat quality. Since the inception of Kenny’s Creek in 1987 we have expanded our herd and now run over 20,000 cattle across our farms. Our stud herd consists of 1,500 performance recorded females and annually we market between 300 and 400 bulls. Our commercial cattle are run from Breakfast Creek, Bellevue and Nychum Stations.

Kenny’s Creek is at the forefront of using BreedPlan data within their herd. Through the use of the BreedPlan technology the stud is able to rank the performance of sire and cow lines and produce genetically improved progeny.

Growth and carcase traits are essential in determining the quality of beef in the supply chain. 600-Day weight indicates the animal’s genetic potential to reach a heavy weight at 600 days of age. This figure is useful when choosing cattle that are well suited for grass finishing or grain feeding. Adequate fat cover is needed to protect the high value primal cuts from toughening and increase the meat’s eating quality and appearance. Consistent fat distribution is a result of an animal’s quality breeding and effective feeding.

In combination with improved pastures KC Natural is able to produce higher quality beef from genetically superior cattle.