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Australian White Lambs at Hillgrove

A great season...

Having received plenty of rain around Boorowa and mild conditions, we have experienced the most fabulous couple of seasons on record. The country has been looking magic and we're all locking it away in the memory bank! It really has felt like growth has continued on an early Spring-like trajectory since September 2020. April has lived up to being the driest month of the year and and we are hoping for rain in the coming weeks as we see things just starting to dry off.
Despite reduced offerings of livestock we have been processing beef and lamb for domestic and export markets. Prices are still strong with beef at record highs and lamb a little softer lately. Quality supply has been good and we're looking forward to a great year ahead.

Ooma - Australian White Lamb

We are excited to be launching Ooma this year, our new Australian White lamb brand. Australian White is a composite breed of sheep, bred to provide quality meat while prospering in Australian conditions. It has a unique eating experience with a lower melting point, meaning the meat melts in your mouth. Ooma lamb also has a fine texture, clean taste and high omega content. KC Natural prides itself sourcing quality Australian White lambs from the Riverina and Hilltops regions in New South Wales

For Sale - Bellevue Aggregation QLD

The Burton Taylor family are selling the Bellevue Aggregation in Far North QLD. The property is a unique large scale cattle breeding enterprise that operates in harmony with the environment, utilising sustainable grazing practices to enhance both economic and natural capital.

Nick Burton Taylor comments:
“Having been involved with the Australian Agricultural Company (AACo) for many years on the neighbouring property, Wrotham Park, I became convinced of the powerful breeding capacity and operational scale offered by the region. Wrotham Park was an integral component of the AACo portfolio and the efficiencies it offered in providing young stock to other stations was strategically valuable.

I saw the same opportunity with Bellevue Station and when we soon had the benefit of acquiring the neighbouring property known as Nychum, the full aggregation was complete. Nychum offered the potential for development and expansion of The Property’s carrying capacity and herd building. This phase is well advanced and with a clear path for further expansion.

The other great attraction for me was the identification of a district that was likely to benefit from climate change. Bellevue, with its tropical climate exposure, fits this category.

Bellevue Station has given my family the opportunity to be involved in a region of great natural and cultural merit. Its history as part of early gold exploration leaves behind a rich story of north Australian development with village and historic mine sites still preserved.

It has been a great privilege to own it."
Click here to watch the introduction video

Getting out and about again

The team have been travelling throughout Victoria, NSW and QLD over the past few months. It's been great to get back on the road again!
Harris Farm Drummoyne, Black Opal Wagyu on display in the chiller.
Image 1: Will Zheng with wagyu at the Green Mountain chiller, QLD.
Image 2: Grading for wagyu at Green Mountain, MB9 body, very fine marbling.
Image 1: Georges Meats in Cherrybrook is an exceptional meat outlet and does a wonderful job, we are very proud to partner with them with our products. Wayne Shipley and Bill can be seen in the packaged meat section of the shop.
Image 2: Bill with some of the Merivale team at Mr Wongs Restaurant.

Japan Virtual Showcase 2021

KC Natural attended the Australian Food & Beverage Virtual Showcase in March which was created to support Japanese buyers and Australian Food and Beverage exporters during the Foodex2021 event in Tokyo.

The platform presented Australian Food and Beverage companies in an easy to navigate showcase for Japanese buyers, provided groups for discussions and a library of Australian Food and Beverage commercial videos. Pleased that we were part of the showcase.

Eastern states daily indicators

Source: MLA

Compositional traceability - origin fingerprints for Australian beef and lamb

Information states that the red meat industry is now able to test Australian beef and lamb products from any point in the global supply chain to verify the country of origin as Australia.

According to the MLA, in response to issues of rising product fraud and increasing demands for traceability and authenticated provenance claims, an R&D project to validate the ability to distinguish Australian beef and lamb from meat produced in other countries was conducted.

The MLA state that 'Origin fingerprints' for Australian beef and lamb were developed through the chemical analyses of product from beef and lamb producing areas around Australia. To evaluate Oritain's capability to verify the origin of Australian beef and lamb, both Australian and international beef and lamb samples were tested.

The MLA explain that the system was verified as producing a definition of Australian beef and lamb that is fit for purpose.

Source: MLA

Throwback to harvest

Stripping oats at Hillgrove back in December, some great photos that we still wanted to share with you

FHA Match

We have just taken part in FHA Match. This event provided a fabulous platform for suppliers to promote their meat products, connect with target buyers and fast track business growth amid a challenging landscape, where border control measures are ongoing and physical interactions are still limited. We met with many terrific businesses and look forward to growing these relationships. As part of FHA Match, we were also able to tap onto Saladplate.com's online marketplace.

Tassie holiday

BT's recent Easter fishing trip to Tasmania. Top left - Billie (and Sam) with her first brown trout. Top right - Henry despite enthusiasm in catching fish would not touch one. Bottom - Small brown trout caught on Jassid fly imitation

One pot balsamic beef glaze

Orders and Enquiries

If you require information about our beef and lamb products or wish to place an order, please contact info@kennyscreek.com.au

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