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Kenny's Creek Angus Female Sale

The Kenny's Creek Angus Female Sale was held here at "Hillgrove" last Wednesday 22nd May. People carefully picked the genetics that were needed for their program and this was reflected in a fifty percent clearance for an average of $5,431 and the highest price ever paid for a Kenny’s Creek female at $24,000. There was a bias towards females capable of going into a donor program and which represented strong carcase particular IMF, positive fat and trait leading growth. Not withstanding the difficult season the females presented to a very high standard and showed the benefit of underlying positive EBVs for rib and rump fat. 

SIAL Food Expo

Will and I have just returned from a visit to Shanghai for the SIAL Food Expo. Confidence is high in China at the moment and despite the increased levels of competition from European and American markets there was solid demand for Australian meat products. The SIAL Food Expo is held annually and KC has exhibited for the last five years. We were happy to be spectators this year.
Arriving in China to attend the biggest food expo in Asia.
All of these huge exhibition halls were full.


  • For March the FSR (female slaughter ratio) has hit the highest monthly figure of 58.1%
  • Over the next few mnths the FSR is expected to peak
  • Historically the peak in the FSR corresponds with upward trend of the EYCI
Source: Mecardo / Landline

Continued dry drives cattle on feed to record levels

  • Cattle on feed for Jan – Mar quarter increased 3.1% to record level of 1.1M
  • Lot feeders have experienced some reprieve on feed prices
Source: ALFA

I've given up Veganism and have never felt better

  • Vegan Society of Great Britain says that Vegans have quadrupled to 600K from 2012-18
  • Staunch vegan Anne Hathaway left the Vegan ranks after being a trend setter in 2012
  • According to British Dietic Assoc 75% of vegans give up, lasting an average of nine years
Source: The Telegraph London / AFR
  • It may come as a surprise given the amount of media attention the vegan movement has attracted in recent times, but global beef demand, rather than being in decline, is not only growing, but growing rapidly
  • According to Andrew Cox (MLA), despite what you may think when you pick up the newspaper, global beef consumption is consistently increasing
  • Australia is in a good position, as long as we demonstrate continued integrity and strive for improvement across social values
Source: Beef Central, 14 May 2019
Anne Hathaway has given up Veganism

Pluviophile - (n) A lover of rain

A Pluviophile can be defined as a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. The rain has teased many of us over the recent months and I think that most Rural Australians could identify themselves as pluviophiles. Come on rain!! 

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