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Kenny's Creek Spring Bull Sale

Wrap-Up Kenny's Creek Spring Bull Sale 2019

Support from repeat clients proved Kenny's Creek long-term commercial focus at the Spring Bull Sale held Weds 4th September. A total of 59 bulls were offered, with 56 of them selling at auction for a 95 percent clearance. Kenny's Creek Lotto N47 was the $11,000 sale topper purchased by return buyers from Tea Gardens, NSW.

Kenny's Creek Angus Sale Day
These bulls purchased at the Spring Sale found their grass covered in snow yesterday at Braidwood

New DNA test to benefit carcase trait accuracy

  • A new multi-trait DNA test is now available to Australian sheep producers.
  • Sheep carcase and eating quality trait breeding value accuracies are expected to be the biggest benefactors.
  • The new test is offering up to a 10 percent increase in accuracy when predicting the presence of productive physical traits. 
  • It predicts the presence of traits including birth weights, growth rates, wool volume and quality, fat coverage, meat eating quality, and resistance to parasites.
Source: Sheep Central, read full article here

The war over the future of meat

  • Nearly 30 states in the USA have proposed bills to prohibit words like meat, burger, sausage, jerky, or hot dog unless the source was an animal that was born and raised in traditional ways.
  • Mississippi’s new law: “Any food product containing cell-cultured animal tissue or plant-based or insect-based food shall not be labeled meat or as a meat product.”
  • Fines are $1000 or up to a year in prison 
  • Read entire article
Source: The Washington Post

Lamb outlook

We recently attended a lamb outlook seminar with industry leading Lamb Pro and found the following interesting:
  • Lamb has not penetrated the global market yet and its potential is still in its infancy.
  • Despite the social media noise, the level of veganism in Australia is at the same level as it was ten years ago.
  • Interesting argument for livestock carbon emissions: "If you went to sleep in a garage with a cow and a sheep, in the morning when you woke you would be warm. If you went to sleep in a garage with your car running, in the morning you would not wake."
  • New Zealand per capita annual consumption of lamb has dropped from one of the largest consumption rates to 890 grams. In an effort to create a leaner more efficient lamb the taste has been sacrificed in the process, resulting in decreased NZ domestic demand.
  • The MLA is about to release a marble score system for lambs similar to what is used for beef.

Far North Queensland

The Mount Feedlot, Forbes

Making silage at The Mount. Sam standing in the canola crop that the silage was made from.

BOM weather outlook

Source: BOM

Pistachio-crusted lamb cutlets

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