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Given the recent dry conditions in Australia we can hardly complain about being at the centre of a storm. This is the storm that doused Hillgrove (where the KC Natural office is based) in 82mm of rain in Jan in a matter of hours. Again last week, we had a downpour resulting in another 80mm of rain and damage to fences. Despite the isolated storms that have been hitting our area - we have still been experiencing an abnormally hot summer, with temperatures frequently exceeding 40 degrees.
Flash flooding in January
Nikki and I have had the rare privilege of our home being struck by lightning twice in recent weeks. The first time was in a storm in December and then again by the above storm in January which was more severe in lightning activity but not as intense on the rain out at our farm. The outcome for both lightning strikes was almost the same in both instances, hit the front lawn and watering system, smashed the pool pump and cleaner, struck the bore (400m) from the house.
The pump shop has us tagged as the most unlucky people going in Boorowa and not sure yet what the insurance company thinks of us.
I have since become a little intrigued about lightning and how it travels. I found the first three minutes of this YouTube video interesting.
Before and after - 80mm of torrential rain flooded this dam on Monday
Flooded creek stopping traffic near Hillgrove on Monday afternoon

Is beef responsible for climate change?

The former UN climate chief suggested that in 10 to 15 years carnivores should be made to go outside the restaurant to eat meat. There has been a widely spruiked figure saying if you become a vegetarian you can cut your greenhouse emissions by half. If you turn to more academic literature which has been peer-reviewed they show that emissions can be reduced by 540kg of CO2 per person. This would correlate to a reduction of 4.3%.

Interestingly the money saved on a vegetarian diet then contributes further to emissions in what they call the ‘rebound effect’. It is estimated that the increased spending from the rebound effect reduces half of the saved emissions which brings you back to roughly 2%.
Source: The Australian

Angus Price Premiums

On average Angus cattle over the last 6 years have attracted a 5.3% premium on Auctions Plus in comparison to the saleyards. The Angus premium has been increasing and 2018 was the highest year with an 8.7% premium. 
In the USA they have had a similar outcome - Certified Angus Beef earning producers an added USD 21.14 per head (remember USA beef grading starts with Select then Choice and then Prime for the best quality).
Source: The Land;; Mecardo 15 Jan 2019

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Summer beef campaign launch in Australia

The new Australian domestic beef campaign launched nationally on Sunday. The campaign demonstrates why Australian Beef is the greatest, raising consumer awareness around the quality and provenance of Australian Beef. In addition to the provenance focus, the campaign aims to reinforce and demonstrate greatness with Beef’s versatility and ease by positioning Beef recipes as a solution for quick and easy mid-week meals. 

Australian Beef. The Greatest.
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