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Kenny's Creek Angus Bull Sale

The Kenny's Creek Angus bull sale was held last Wednesday. The top priced bull went for $22,000, with an average of $9,206. Offered for the first time in years, was a line of yearling Q bulls which were all heifer bulls. Among these 20 bulls were six embryo calves from Payweight 1682 x our own L101 who has the most remarkable figures. All but one of the 78 bulls on offer were sold on the day. We were very pleased with the number of registered buyers and thankful for the interest in our sale.

Read The Land article here
The $22,000 top-priced bull with Josh Crosby of Kevin Miller, Whitty, Lennon and Co stud stock, Elders agent Ben Seaman, Goulburn, who purchased the high-seller on behalf of LA Angus, and Sam Burton Taylor of Kenny's Creek Angus. Photo: Hannah Powe, The Land
The Kenny's Creek Angus female sale is coming up Thursday 1 October. There will be 116 registered females for sale, including 86 cows and calves and 30 Q heifers.

Connecting with the world

An important part of KC Natural's business is attending food shows around the globe. This showcases our product, connects with our in-market partners and give us great opportunities to develop new business relationships. In 2020 with the onset of the pandemic this marketing process has been brought to a halt.  
Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL) has developed Virtual Meet The Buyer sessions. KC Natural has participated in FIAL meetings with Singapore, China, Thailand. It been an excellent way to meet new customers in a very targeted and efficient way from our own office. We have continued to broaden our markets with this style of marketing throughout the pandemic and dramatically reduced our environmental footprint in the process. Perhaps when international flights return we’ll have a new respect for the inside of airliners, airports, hotels and taxis!
Our team in attendance at various past food shows. How things have changed!

Purchase of Dunoon Angus bull

  • In a syndicate with Ascot Angus and Gilmandyke Angus, Kenny's Creek Angus recently purchased 'Dunnoon Prime Minister' (Dunoon P758) for $140,000.
  • A bull with phenotype, a great balance of figures and an impeccable structure 
  • Click here for full article and view video below
Kenny's Creek Angus purchases 'Dunoon Prime Minister' in syndicate with Ascot Angus and Gilmandyke Angus
Source: www.theland.com.au

World record $665,707 for Texel ram lamb

We thought this was pretty amazing and made spending $140K on a bull look pretty reasonable:
  • 'Double Diamond' is a 6 month old Texel ram lamb who has been dubbed as being genetically perfect.
  • The lamb was purchased at an auction in Lanmark Scotland last week for an extraordinary AUD $665,707. Click here to read full article.

MLA Trade Indicators and KC Natural Projections

Source of above graphs: MLA
  • Trade and heavy lambs seemed to have hit a bottom in late August and have rebounded in September as the MLA indicator shows.
  • For September and October KC Natural's projections are as follows:
    • With the current strong season there is plenty of feed about that will give growers the option to hang on to livestock.
    • The store lamb will remain strong in the 7.30-7.90 hscw range.
    • Trade lambs to remain at their current range around 6.80 hscw mark with the retailers having to keep enticing growers to the market with their lambs.
    • Heavy lamb supply seems to be matched with demand from the major plants currently and we anticipate the 6.00-6.30 range holding.
  •  It would be difficult to predict what happens beyond October with two key factors driving this:
    • If the season continues to be wetter that average, as predicted, then the producers holding options will remain; which will give strength to the market.
    • The way that food service overcomes Covid worldwide will have an effect on the heavy lamb price. Racks and loins are particularly hard to move outside the retail markets currently. As livestock supply increases in the Spring, the demand for racks and loins will need to strengthen globally. If it doesn't strengthen, then livestock demand and pricing will suffer.

Discovery that genes influence temperament

  • University of Queensland researchers have made a discovery which could lead to improved animal welfare and meat quality.
  • "Cattle share an overlap of genes with humans which are critical in brain function and response to fear stimuli," Professor Hayes said. "If we can identify those animals early, or breed to eliminate them, we can potentially reduce the stress of the whole mob."
  • If a calmer temperament can be genetically selected for, then this can also lead to selection for better meat quality. There are also significant safety and animal welfare benefits.
Source: AMIC Newsletter 7 September 2020

Lamb Legends

  • The MLA launched the Spring Lamb campaign on Sunday as a series which brings Aussies together to cook lamb in a heart-warming and inspiring way.
  • The campaign series ‘Lamb Legends,’ celebrates local Aussie heroes with renowned chefs cooking them legendary lamb meals to say thanks for their inspiring work. 
  • Watch the videos here
Source: www.australianlamb.com.au/lamblegends

Weather outlook

  • September to November is likely to be wetter than average across much of Australia, with a greater than 60% chance in most areas and greater than 75% in much of the eastern half of the mainland.
  • Chances of a drier than average spring are seen in south-west Tasmania (greater than 60% chance).
  • Night-time temperatures for September to November are very likely to be warmer than average for most of Australia (greater than 80% chance in most areas). 
Source: www.sheepcentral.com

Thyme and garlic lamb leg roast

Orders and Enquiries

If you require information about our beef and lamb products or wish to place an order, please contact info@kennyscreek.com.au

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