Meet Angus,

He eats grass. One day he will be a juicy tender steak.

He is hormone free and raised on a sustainability-focused family farm where people treat him with respect.

He wears his Kenny’s Creek genetics with pride. A calm temperament, strong muscle profile and well marbled carcass – all traits of his superior breeding.

The quality of his cuts will be underpinned by the low stress grass environment in which he roams freely. He grazes on improved pastures – strawberry clover, chicory and cocksfoot. These grasses will enhance his wholesomeness – big flavour, lower fat, higher healthy Omega 3’s and more antioxidants.

He is handled in accordance with Meat Standards Australia guidelines – which will be followed up until he lands on your plate. This may sound strict – but it helps ensure the highest quality eating.

Angus is what beef should be. Slow grown, grass fed, flavoursome.

Thanks Angus!

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