Ooma is our Australian White lamb brand. Australian White is a composite breed of sheep, bred to provide excellent quality meat while prospering in Australian conditions.

Why is the Australian White different?

This is a very specific ‘meat’ breed of lamb, boasting a well-rounded carcase. It has a unique eating experience, which is due to the low melting point of the fat, meaning the meat literally melts in your mouth. Australian White also has a fine texture, clean taste and very high omega content, distinguishing it from other breeds.

In addition to its excellent eating quality, the Australian White also offers environmental benefits. Having hair, rather than wool, they do not require shearing or crutching, and are also more resistant to pests. The female (ewe) is highly fertile, and can lamb multiple times per year.

KC Natural prides itself sourcing great quality Australian White lambs from the beautiful Riverina and Hilltops regions in NSW, Australia. Our partner growers engage in sustainable farm practices whilst producing grass and grain fed lamb for KC Natural to process and export. Our lamb production meets all Halal accreditation and export requirements. Ooma lamb can be sold as six way cut, bone-in and bone-out primals and can be freighted by air or sea.