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“Start the way you want to finish”

I remember my father saying this to me many times over the years as I was establishing the business.

There are many things that make us different as a business, and it is a lot more than vertical integration. If I had to narrow it down I would say there are three things that really define us and that have given us the opportunity to grow as a business.

1. Passion and commitment.

We love the land and the cattle which graze on it. It is nothing short of sheer passion and absolute commitment. From the in-depth knowledge of cattle genetics to pastures and feed lotting – there is no end to our desire to understand every step in producing consistent premium beef.

2. Small business with a big heart.

We are small but we are mighty. We run lean and work hard making decisions for the next generation. A family owned business with simple values.

3. Reputation is king. 

What we do, what we put our name on, defines us. Our customers own our brand and it is up to us to make sure all that we do supports and exceeds their expectations.

We breed cattle and lambs with integrity for amazing tasting meat!

Sam Burton Taylor

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