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Bindaree Food Group 

7307 Gwydir Highway, Inverell, NSW 2360

Inverell Processing Facility is a world-class plant located in the picturesque New England region of NSW. It boasts a specialised slaughter floor, boning room, cryovac facility, render plant, and load-out area. The team are committed to delivering the highest quality beef products to customers worldwide.

Here, wholesale cuts are processed, prepared, and delivered around the world, ensuring that customers receive only the best. They use the latest technology and best practices to ensure the highest standards of food safety and animal welfare.

Greenmountain Group 

26 Coominya Connection Rd, Coominya, QLD 4311


Greenmountain Food Processing commenced a slaughter and boning operation at the site in 2007. In purchasing the Coominya processing facility, the company committed to maintaining and improving the plant to meet modern food safety, environmental and OH&S standards. 

The company has invested significantly in the plant, adding a rendering facility, cold stores, upgrading the freezing facilities and slaughter floor and further processing and packaging equipment which allows them to offer products which are shelf-ready and weight labelled for retail directly from Coominya.

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